Public enquiry

Public enquiry, probably the biggest risk to your company, and is in principle hearing where the Traffic commissioner will look at your company to see if you are compliant with the undertakings you have given when you applied for your operators licence.

Public enquiries are normally the result of situation where the DVSA has found a problem.

This could relate to drivers hours or maintenance issues.

The DVSA will report these issues to the TC and that is where the problems start.

In the first instance you will receive a letter from the DVSA inviting themselves for an inspection of your systems.

On receipt of this letter you will need to take action, you need to contact a transport lawyer or a consultant to attend the inspection.

The consultant or the lawyer can take the sting out of the investigation and prevent you from making the classic mistake of arguing with the inspectors.

After the visit you will have a good idea what the next step will be.

The inspector find little or nothing that causes concern and might give you some advise.

If the inspector find serious end endemic problems he will report to the TC.

You now have 2 options:

1      Wait for the invitation to the public enquiry lands on your doorstep.

2     Take immediate actions to rectify any problems that have crept into your systems before the letter arrives.

It is here that we can assist you to take some of the heat out of the public enquiry by analysing your systems and advise on implementation of new systems to prevent reoccurrence.

After our analysis we discus the improvements that have to be made to make sure that the current problems are rectified.

To achieve this we use the IOTA fleet accreditation as a template.

This accreditation scheme is evaluated and accepted as of good quality by the senior traffic commissioner.

We than return after 3 months to see if the systems have been amended and write a report that you or your solicitor can introduce into the public enquiry, if the need occurs we will attend and give evidence to our findings and the improvements.