Operators compliance audits

The TC  would like to see regular operators compliance audits.

Operators compliance audits come in various guises and the senior TC has in one of her missives declared that she would like to see them carried out at least every 5 years to receive a certification that you are complying with the undertaking you have signed when you applied for your operators licence.

We have over the years found that many smaller operators have taken their eyes of the ball and are ignoring the necessary requirement of their undertaking.

I know from my own experience that this happens easily as you are busy keeping your business profitable.

Unfortunately the TC appears to have little sympathy with the problems you face on a daily basis and wants you to make sure that you are compliant.

A compliance audit is the only way you can prove to the TC that you are a respectable and responsible operator.

There are various types of audits, FORS was initially the benchmark.

While FORS was free it was a good system, now you have to pay the auditor a vast sum of money to remain accredited.

We at IOTA believe this to be unfair and uses the IOTA fleet accreditation this is compatible with FORS and more cost effective.

There is an alternative to this by way of a operators compliance audit carried out by a senior IOTA member.

This will be accepted by the TC as evidence that you are compliant.

The benefit of this alternative is the way the operators compliance audits work.

We do not come in, look at your systems, and charge you a vast amount of money to tell you that you are not compliant.

The initial report will show you where you are going wrong and advise you how to rectify any problems, if you have any problems rectifying these problems we are only a phone call or an email away to provide advise.

After 3 months or before your public enquiry we return and report on the improvement you have made, this can than be used to prove to the TC that you are on the right way to become compliant.

This might save your operators licence.

Obviously there are cost associated with the work we do, you might want to contact us for a free initial consultation where we can give you an indication of the time involved and the fixed fee that we would charge you.