Illegal immigrants

Prevention against illegal immigrants becomes a necessity.


Illegal immigrants are the biggest danger to international hauliers.

You can prevent fines from overzealous police officers by keeping to the rules.

Illegal immigrants have no rules and you as a haulier have little or no protection apart from the Border Force accreditation scheme.

Becoming accredited is the best and most cost effective way of preventing fines from the Border Force.

We have a Border agency approved training course that will support the application for the accreditation scheme.

Look at the figures:

If they find an illegal immigrant in your vehicle you will incur a fine for you and your driver, lets take a medium of £ 1000 each, as an employer you are liable to pay the drivers fine if he does not do this himself

.You can appeal this fine, going to a solicitor will cost you money, the initial appeal letter will cost you £ 500 if you want to take this further you will need to start proceedings in the County Court, and you will quickly look at a cost post of £ 2000.

As this is a civil penalty there is only one defence, you will have to show that you have done everything reasonably possible to prevent the illegal immigrant from entering your vehicle.

To prove this you will need to show that you have provide the driver with security devises, checklists,written instructions and training how to implement your instructions.

If the driver fails to show the checklist at the time of the stop your defence fails at the first hurdle.

The Border Force accreditation scheme is the best solution to prevent these fines from landing on your doormat.

You can do this all yourself by following this link prevention against  illegal immigrants it will save you a lot of time and headache if you instruct us to do this for you.

We can deal with your application, training and provide the necessary concept paperwork for a fee below £ 1000

The accreditation scheme prevention against illegal immigrants works very well and we have save numerous hauliers from being fined.

In the words of Dell Boy, you know it make sense