Operators licence awareness training (OLAT)

This Operators license awareness training course , commonly know as OLAT, is designed by the Institute of transports Administration. (IOTA)

The course is delivered as a one day course aimed at  Transport Managers, Company Directors, Partners and Proprietors and provides an overview of ‘O’ Licence requirements to re-affirm the undertakings being given to the Traffic Commissioner when applying for an ‘O’ Licence.

Who needs OLAT training

The course may also be required to be undertaken following an instruction from a Traffic Commissioner. This is common when the Operator holds a Restricted Operator License and has appeared at a Public Inquiry. The IOTA course complies fully to the requirements of the Traffic Commissioners.

If you are instructed by the TC to take the OLAT course there are various options depending on the size and the structure of your organisation and the problems that have caused the Public enquiry.

In any case it is beneficial if the persons who are able to resolve the problems, that lead to the public enquiry, are present for the complete course or at least the part that is directly relevant to them.

If your problem relate to actions of your drivers it would be beneficial if we start early and have the driver present for the first 30 minutes.

If the problem is in te area of maintenance it would be beneficial if your service provider attends for 30 minutes.

If the management fails to provide you with the relevant authorities the attendance of your line manager would be beneficial.

Apart from taking this course on instruction of the TC it is also be beneficial to create a greater understanding of the requirements of your undertaking within your company.

We strongly advise you to do the course before you appear at the office of the TC as anything you do before the public enquiry will show the TC that you are serious about dealing with his/her concerns