Drivers CPC training in East Anglia

Drivers CPC training that suits your requirements

We are in the process of reapplying for membership of the IOTA drivers cpc training consortium.

This consortiums provides in my opinion the best available training material.

Within IOTA we have the option to design training modules to suit your business instead of the trainers business.



While a agree to an extend that the driver training present a burden on our industry we have found a way to make the time and money spend worth while.

Jaupt prohibits a test the end of the training, we  offer the trainees the opportunity  to do a test on our training website that leads to a certificate of competence.

This certificate proves that the trainee has completed the training module and that he/she has understood the context.

This certificate will be posted to the person who pays for the training, a individual trainee can use this combined with his/her CV in a job application.

The employer can also use this certificate as evidence that his/her drivers are competent, a requirement when competing for new contracts.

There is a discount available for IOTA members of all grades and for companies who are IOTA sponsors.

We offer drivers cpc training in East Anglia while the other members of our consortium offer drivers cpc training over the whole United Kingdom.

While September 2019 looks a long time away it would be good practise to keep your driver cpc training up to date so that you can avoid the price increases and the rush to get your drivers trained in time.

Starting the drivers cpc training early also enables you to spread the cost while we provide legally binding training contracts that make sure that you can recover the cost of the training if the driver leaves within a predetermined time.