Training has become the buzzword in all industries and is important in your business.

If your driver is stopped at the roadside and the DVSA finds any problems with your vehicle they might instigate an investigation, they will come and visit you to look at your systems of PMI and walk around inspections.

The DVSA inspector will come in to find faults so that he/she can justify their efforts

If you can show that all your drivers have undergone a rigorous program of training, it will take the heat out of their  efforts to cause havoc in your office.

You can find a complete guide to walk around inspections in the course on our training website.

If your transport manager has recently attended a OLAT course you will further reduce their efforts.

We do provide the drivers CPC training , in my opinion these 35 hours fail to provide adequate training as you and me as a trainer have no means of testing the driver to establish that he/she has paid attention to the subject matter.

To resolve this problem we enable your drivers to do a test in their own time, this test will show their knowledge of te subject matter and will provide a certificate that shows the drivers competence.


Our training facilities

Our training modules are internet based and overseen and certified by the

Institute of Transport Administration (IOTA)

The benefit of short courses training your drivers are plentiful.

It gives the employer the opportunity to provide company instructions in a structured manner and at the same time protect the company from malicious claims.

The excuse, I was never told about this, becomes a thing of the past.

One of the courses deals with walk around inspections and can be amended to include your company specific instructions.

Drivers who are expected to carry out minor repairs must have ‘proof of basic training’ to carry out such repairs to; i.e.,: Light bulb or Light lens replacement.

We can create this course specifically for the vehicles within your fleet.

Courses can also be developed for any topic that might be necessary to protect you and your company.