Accident investigation

Why an accident investigation

Accident investigation


In the unlucky event that your vehicle is involved in an accident you might want to look at the benefits of an accident investigation.

In case of a more serious accident you vehicle will be impounded for investigation purposes.

Your vehicle will not be released for some time.

We liaise with the police and our legal team and send an accident investigator to the vehicle and the location of the accident to secure any evidence that might assist the defence of your driver.

As soon as we are aware of all the facts we would advise you and your driver, on the basis of this advise you can decide what action to take.

If the accident results in the death of 1 or more people your driver will immediately charged with:

Death by Dangerous Driving.


The minimum sentence for this offence is 2 years in prison.

A early investigation might provide the possible opportunity to reduce the charge to:

Death by Careless Driving.


The sentence for this offence is variable from a suspended sentence to 5 years imprisonment.

The cost of the defence of your driver will be covered by Legal Aid.

If the police suspects that  mechanical issues that have contributed to the accident they will contact the DVSA.

The DVSA operative will examine your vehicle and report to the police, and to his head of department.

The DVSA will on the basis of this report decide if they will take further action in relation to your maintenance system.

If they feel that there are issues that need addressing they will visit your premises and carry out an audit of your procedures.

If they find anything that causes concern they will report to this to the police and the TC.

On the basis of these findings the police might decide to charge you as the operator with:

Corporate manslaughter.