Legal assistance for the road haulage industry

In our highly regulated industry it is highly likely that you will need some legal assistance at some stage.

Over the past 30 years I have worked with various firms of solicitors in an array of criminal and civil cases.

During this time I have noticed that a large section of the legal profession has little or no knowledge of our industry.

While this might not be a problem when dealing with the date to day legal affairs of your company.

Problems will occur when you are confronted with industry specific problems like the Traffic Commissioner, or in the event that your vehicle has been impounded by the authorities.

Over the last 10 years I have worked with a firm of solicitors who understand the industry and a barrister who has actually driven HGV’s to finance his law degree and his training as a barrister.

While a solicitor is not always the best and cost effective option it makes sense to use a solicitor who is familiar with your problem and can give sound advise on the basis of his specific knowledge.

Experience has shown me that representing yourself if a bad idea as there is a likelihood that you will loose your temper and make things worse for yourself.

In simple cases we might be able to represent you. This works in cases where your systems have failed and you have taken steps to rectify the failures. We can than go cap in hand to the TC and accept the failures and show the improvements made.

The Ipswich based solicitor Richard Tinkler has a proven trackrecord in the road haulage industry and apart from giving a free 1 hour legal assistance interview he also provides a fixed fee service so that you know the cost of your case before you decide what action to take.