Health and Safety in the Workplace would prevent procecutions

Health and Safety in the Workplace

While the bigger companies have specific health and safety officers to deal with the health and safety legislation I have over the years found many small hauliers who would fail the most basic requirements.

A official from the Health and Safety department can walk into your premises and write a list of improvements that he/she would like to see implemented.

He/she will come back at a later date to re-inspect your premises and you will probably receive an invoice for this visit.

If an reportable accident occurs on your premises they might decide to charge you or the member of your staff responsible for health and safety.

Any breach of the Health and Safety  legislation is a strict liability offence.

This means that there is only one avenue of defence and that would be to show that you have taken all steps that are reasonably practical to prevent the accident from happening.

An example;

If you have a clearly marked walkway in your yard and you have instructed your staff not to diverse from this walkway you could take the sting out of a prosecution by showing these instructions to the H&S investigator.

You will need to provide proof that the injured party has received a site induction clearly stating that he/she is not allowed to diverse from the walkways.

IOTA training can provide simple and cost effective site induction courses designed for your company.

If you answer any of the questions below with no it might be a good idea to contact us for a free initial chat.

  • Do your employees have the benefit of  a Site induction.
  • Does your yard have clearly defined walkways for pedestrians.
  • Do you have H&S instructions for visitors.
  • Do you have set speed limits on site and how do you enforce them.
  • When was the last entry in the accident recording book.

I can go further with this list boring you even longer, the main issue that you have to consider is the cost of a  prosecution under the Health and Safety at work legislation.