Conditions of trade

Terms and conditions for any services provided by Buntra, or on behalf of Buntra

Terms and Conditions of trade 2016

1st January 2016to 31st December 2016

Weekly rate over a minimum one-month period

For a minimum of 5 day’s work contracted to be carried out for any client within any one calendar month the hourly rate will be £55.00.

The fee equates to a £385.00-day rate or £1,575.00 per working week for 5 x 7 hour days – accepted as the recognised working week.

For contracted work totaling less than 5 days in any one calendar month the day rate will be £ 455.00, equating to an hourly rate of

For any work required to be carried out on behalf of the client in blocks of less than 7 hours (a working day); for any work carried out, at

the client’s request, between 5.00pm and 9.00am on any weekday (Monday to Friday); for any work to be carried out, at the client’s

request, over a weekend period – the fee will be £95.00 per hour.

Under normal circumstances the cost of travel to and from client premises or meetings attended on behalf of or with the client will be

covered within the agreed day rate, as outlined above. However, if the client requests that a representative Buntra travel further than

50 radius kilometers (33 miles) from the company address of Buntra, as shown below, the expense of travel incurred will be charged to

Travel and overnight costs to the client

For travelling to or from and attending meetings or venues with or on behalf of the client outside of the normally agreed working day of

9.00am to 5.00pm there will be a charge of £75.00 per hour. If there is a requirement for a representative or agent Buntra to

spend nights away from base the client will be normally be charged a flat rate of £125.00 per night. If the rate to be charged is to be

higher, due to a high subsistence rate location, Buntra will, whenever possible, notify the client in advance and request approval of the

cost of accommodation and a reasonable level of subsistence, to be charged Buntra as expenses against the invoice that will be

raised to cover that specific contractual agreement.

All the above rates are related to contractual agreements entered into between the two parties for work carried out within mainland UK.

Any work and travel to be carried out in Northern Ireland and outside the UK must be agreed on an individual basis, due to th e

likelihood of additional costs being incurred regarding travel; accommodation, insurance etc. Written acceptance of the exceptional

terms will be required before a contract can be entered into.

To book the services of Buntra clients must normally provide either an order number or the name of a person who will be responsible

for signing off the payment for the services. This is to avoid unnecessary queries on production of invoices. No n – account clients and

clients specifically booking training course attendance will be requested to provide the same information, but payment must be

completed before the service that has been booked is supplied. Services will not be provided to non-account clients if payment has not

Any queries the client has regarding the level of fees or quality of work carried out must be raised with Buntra on receipt of any invoice.

Complaints procedures are available on request, but payment must be paid before a complaint is considered.

Statements can be issued to retained/account clients on request, showing invoices raised and monies paid over any set period.

Payment for attendance at any training course must be settled before the start of the course. Payment is required within 30 days of

receipt of any invoice for retained/account client services and supplies and before services and supplies are provided to non – account

clients. If any retained/account client monthly invoice is expected to exceed £1,000.00 when a quote is given, the client company will

be required to pay 50% before work is carried out or supplies provided. We will exercise our statutory right under the Late Payment of

Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if

we are not paid according to our specified credit terms. The late payment interest rate that is applicable in the UK at the time.