About us and what Buntra can do for you

About Buntra

Buntra has over the last 40 years seen numerous Hauliers and drivers being confronted with problems that could have been resolved or prevented by some simple steps.

We at Buntra can probably assist you and save you money.

Why first aid:

If you have a problem it is advisable to deal with this as a matter of urgency, and show that your systems are amended to prevent reoccurrence.

This works well in the following cases:

Public enquiries.

The process normally starts with a visit of the DSVA who will look at your systems and your compliance.

If you have been braking the law to a great extend you will need a solicitor.

If it is merely lack of control systems you will be better of talking to us first and allow us to be present during the DSVA visit.

Providing evidence that you have taken the issues in hand and have improved your systems you might granted a little leeway by the Traffic commissioner and save your operators licence.

Buntra can assist you in setting up the correct systems using the IOTA fleet accreditation as a guide for good practise.

Problems with the Border Force.

The problems with illegal immigrants will not go away in the very near future. Prevention is the only way to stop you being fined.

I know from experience that your drivers are facing an impossible task, so avoiding the fines should be your aim.

Enlisting into the Border Force accreditation scheme is not rocket science and we can do all the paperwork for you at a reasonable price.

Have a look at our training page for more information

Health and Safety issues.

If a reportable accident occurs at your premises it is advisable to have a root cause analysis to establish what actually happened.

Preferably this analysis should be carried out before the H&S inspector visits you so that you have the opportunity to provide a concise explanation of the events and show any measures you have taken that would prevent reoccurrence.

On the relevant pages within this website you will find further advise on a range of topics that could safe your reputation.